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Today , we are presenting MuDiCu results and demos

04/08-02-02: MuDiCu@Milia, on stand 12.02 & 14.07

Win a Motorola Accompli 008, learn more about the localisation of digital culture and meet the MuDiCu team by attending the MuDiCu sessions@Milia:

- 12 pm: A day in Barcelona, London and Paris: MuDiCu online demo
- 3 pm: Wireless Barcelona: MuDiCu wireless demo

- 12pm: MuDiCu in the e-content programme: Why do you need MuDiCu? A general presentation
- 4pm: MuDiCu model: You've translated the text on your website. What next?

- 12pm: A day in Barcelona, London and Paris: MuDiCu online demo 
- 4pm: Wireless Barcelona: MuDiCu wireless demo

- 12pm: MuDiCu in the e-content programme: Why do you need MuDiCu? A general presentation
- 4pm: MuDiCu model: You've translated the text on your website. What next?

17-01-02: Virtual Worlds, Pompidou Center , Paris

Happy new year!

13-12-01: The Digital Year, Cinéma des cinéastes, Paris

11-12-01: Real Media breakfast, Paris

07-12-01: Japan @ Batofar with Atau Tanaka, Paris

23-11-01: Presentation of MuDiCu at Mex event in Shibuya / Tokyo and online, from EU Japan center, Brussels

5-11-01: Meeting with dot dot dot and Jodi

4-11-01: Interview with Johana Balusikova

2-11-01: Visit to the Jan Van Eyck Academie at Maastrich, presentation of MuDiCu and discussion with designers, artists and new media theorists

20/21-10-01: MixMove, Paris

09/15-10-01: European Commission is active at Frankfurt Book Fair and MuDiCu represents econtent programme on European Commission booth.

09-10-01: FIAC vernissage, Paris

07-10-01: Meeting at P3 art and environment, galery and artist organisation

07-10-01: Meeting with Real

07-10-01: Meeting with Universal Design Institute for Information Technology

06-10-01: Meeting with designers F-Dex, Hidekazu Ashida

06-10-01: Meeting with Forwhom, Digital Streets

05-10-01: Meeting at French Embassy in Tokyo and partnership

05-10-01: Meeting with Sublime Records and So-ffio Records at Womb

04-10-01: Meeting with Mex

04-10-01: Meeting at French PEE in Tokyo

04-10-01: Meeting and talkings with new media artists and designers Masaki Fujihata, Radikal Suzuki, Toriso Koshiro

03-10-01: Meeting at Lime galery, Osaka

01-10-01: Meeting with artists Fudezuka Toshihisa, Takahiko Hayashi

27-09-01: Meeting with artist Gil K ,

27-09-01: Meeting at EU Japan center

26-09-01: Interview with Walter G. Hutschinson, University of Tokyo

25-09-01: Meeting with artists Tomoko Yokoyama, Mitsuhiro Tokita, Tokyo

25-09-01: Meeting with

24-09-01: Vernissage of Tomo Kameyama exhibition, at Yanagisawa gallery, Saitama

24-09-01: Meeting with artist Norio Takaoka, Hayashi Mikiko

13/14-09-01: General meeting, London

10-09-01: Beaubourg, Rendez-vous Electroniques, Paris

10-09-01: MuDiCu at Unesco, Paris

5/7-09-01: MuDiCu in Brussels

01-09-01: Real Media breakfast @Pavillon Ledoyen, Paris

29-08-01: Spanish sculpture in Palais Royal, Paris

10-08-01: Pitch Black and Kiwis ! at Batofar, Paris

31-07-01: Interview with Eduard Gabarros from the Ad Agency S*C*P*F

30-07-01: Interview with Marc Levine from Benetech

30-07-01: Interview with Rudy Vanderlans, designer and director of "Emigre"

27-07-01: Interview with Lawrence Lessig Professor at the Stanford School of Law and writer of "Code and other laws of cyberspace"

26-07-01: Interview with Cindy Cohn lawyer specialized in Internet

25-07-01: July Visit to the Center for Electronic Art, at San Francisco.

24-07-01: Presentation of MuDiCu Project at the Stanford University, during the Cypherpunks meeting.

24-07-01: Interview to Jo Hastings from HeavenCo

24-07-01: Interview to Robert Guerra, secretary of CPSR.

20-07-01: Interview with Bry Levine, Paris
20-07-01: Meeting with Dave del Torto of Cryptorights Foundation.

19-07-01: Meeting with Peter Lewis, Net Artist

19-07-01: Meeting with Simon Penny associate Professor of Art and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon

18-07-01: Meeting and Interview with the people devoted to localization at Google.

17-07-01: Interview with Carl Page from E-groups.

30-06-01: MuDiCu presentation and partnership at 'Trophées Real Media de l'e-publicité', Paris

28-06-01: Electronic Gizmoland, Centre Pompidou, Paris

27-06-01: SACD, Maison des auteurs, Paris

14/15/16-06-01: Festival Sonar, Barcelone: Interviews of Scanner, Radio Mentale, Fred Romano, D Fuse, Albert Tio, Federica Michot, Jean-Yves Leloup...

O5-06-01: Interview of Olga Kisseleva, Paris

28-05-01: Forum 2004 of Barcelona partnership

25-05-01: La Terrrazza inauguration, Barcelona

24/25-05-01: General meeting, Barcelona

21-05-01: SACD, Maison des auteurs, Paris

03/06-05-01: Onedotzero, London

03-05-01: MuDiCu presentation at French Ministry of Culture

25-04-01: Next Movie presentation at SACD

23-04-01: Interviews with DocuMENTOR, Putumayo and JP Morgan

21/22-04-01: New York Music and Internet Conference

20-04-01: Orlan presentation at NYU

20-04-01: MuDiCu Special Event at New York University - Information Technology Program (ITP) with students and artists in residence

20-04-01: Workspheres symposium at MOMA

19-04-01: Tomohide Kameyama, A premiere American Exhibition at Multiple Impressions gallery, NYC

18-04-01: Several interviews to MIT Professors and researchers

18-04-01: Interview at O'Reilly's (Boston)

17-04-01: CPSR meeting and interviews in Boston

13/16-04-2001: Interviews with several professors, researchers and students in the NYU -ITP.

12-04-01: Interviews at the French Embassy in New York City and partnership

11-04-01: Interviews at Scholastic

11-04-01: David Casacuberta's Birthday (:-D)

10-04-01: MuDiCu inscription at CNIL

10-04-01: Visit to the Bitstreams expo at Whitney Museum

09-04-01: Interviews at Datamonitor

01-04-01: Launch of MuDiCu communication plan

15-03-01: Questionnaires online on

01-03-01: Partnership with Samsung to be eligible to win yepp MP3 player when answering general public questionnaire

23-02-01: Beginning of creation and development

01-02-01: Beginning of research phase with interviews in France, Belgium, Spain , UK, Europe and the world

01-02-01: Official beginning of MuDiCu

20/23-01-01: preparation of MuDiCu at MIDEM

29-01-01: MuDiCu presentation at European Comision: European digital content on the global networks

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